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15 Paid Clients in 8 Weeks – From Scratch

I started my own coaching practice from scratch just 8 weeks ago and today, I have more than 15 paid clients! I am just getting started!

John Kurth

Garden Grove, CA USA

I Now Have The Skills to Change Lives

Taking a Master Coach University Coaches Training has been the most productive 2 month-long intensive trainings I have had this year. I’ve expanded my foundation of Integrity and Commitment as an Accountability Coach. Master Coach University is revolutionary, and I am astonished by its unique systems and approach in the world of Coaching. Our Coaching team kept me accountable to my lists of commitments after every call. I am so excited that I now have the skills to change thousands of lives and I am proud to say, my life is also changed. 

Thanks Coach Jeffrey for this awesome opportunity!”

Benita Ibanez

Chino, CA

You Apply the Tools in Real Coaching Now

“As a student of a Master Coach University Coaches Training Program, I am very impressed with the comprehensiveness of the program and the leadership abilities and mastery skills of Jeffrey Sooey, the Dean of Students. Jeffrey has designed a rigorous curriculum that challenges his clients to work hard, to internalize the content and experiences they learn, and to strategically apply those skills to real-life coaching situations.

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…Caring about the client, achieving high standards, being accountable, and working with integrity are just a few of the hallmarks of his program. Whether you are a coach in the training program or someone who has been transformed by a JTS Advisor’s coach, Jeff and his team will present you with the essential tools, insights and strategies so that you can design your own destiny and become an unstoppable peak performer.

Janet L. Woods, PhD

Seattle, WA

Getting My Own Lucrative Practice

The Master Coach University Strategy Coach Immersion Training began for me when Jeffrey Sooey said, “If you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone, your life won’t change.”

Since then, this challenging, eye-opening course has changed my life path. This course is an A to Z intensive of coaching technology that Jeff has distilled from years of his own highly successful coaching practice.

Having completed 6 weeks of the 8 week training so far, I am confidently anticipating my own lucrative coaching practice, and the joy and fulfillment of helping clients to achieve their goals and better their lives.”

Dorine Kramer, MD, MPH

Los Angeles, California

7 Speaking & 125 Client Leads in 1 Month

“Prior to doing the Master Coach University coaches training, I already had 16 years experience coaching clients on their personal development, sales, business, and relationships. This program took this to another level! It was so information packed and intense I was blown away. I feel this has been one of the best investments I have made on business development for my coaching practice – really setting me apart…

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from the other coaches out there, allowing me to help my clients at a much more profound level.

Just half way through the program I already had 7 leads for speaking opportunities to present before sales teams and promote my coaching, had generated over 125 client leads from people requesting follow up consultations, and prospects referred by others. My coaching business shot into high gear since completing the program. I am using the material and skills I learned in this program directly in my work and in my life. I don t know how they manage it, coordinating all the nuts and bolts (and details) of this extensive training, but the program was awesome. I recommend this program to others who want to accelerate the growth of their coaching business, or for those who simply want to add coaching into their present business.”

Daniel Herzberg

Antioch, CA

1st-Hand Experience Makes Top Coaches

“Jeff is an amazing coach. His course curriculum clearly defines what it means to take coaching to the next level. This full immersion experience allows you to learn firsthand the transformation that is possible when the coaching experience is at this deep level of interaction. Jeff delivers great value with this course and his coaching expertise. I am changed forever because of this course. If you desire to be your best, do not miss this coaching experience.”

Margie Herzing

Lake Forest, CA

Monumental Results After 3 Weeks

“After three weeks of participating in the Master Coach University coaches training program I can honestly say that I have experienced monumental results in my personal life as well as in my business/real estate practice.

The Accountability Immersion Training has impacted my thinking and mindset in a way that has me responding to people and situations in a more powerful and significant way. I feel my family, friends and clients are noticing the shift. As a result, we are all having a greater time connecting and communicating.

I look forward to the end results of this program. I am very excited! Thank you Jeffrey Sooey for your wonderful leadership and superb coaching.”

Theano Meyers

Morganville, New Jersey USA

Three New Clients in Two Weeks

“I can honestly say that I feel much more confident and competent than when I began, and know that I can change people’s lives for the better. I’m on my way to having my first three clients within the next two weeks.”

Margolah Neyomy Shuchat

Montreal, Quebec

Alumni Case Studies

Discover how Master Coach University students achieved their coaching visions.
Thomas Svitorka

Sometimes a student launches a legendary coaching business. This case study focuses on how Tomas launched to six figures… fresh out of college...

He’s now one of the top coaches in the UK.

He also covers how he grew his coaching income, how much time it takes to build a successful coaching business, how to challenge your client in a loving way, and how to package your coaching content.

Jeff Klubeck

Starting from scratch, Jeff Klubeck propelled his coaching income to over $80,000 per year... within just over a year of being a full time coach.

Now Jeff travels the world, running corporate trainings, working with top personal growth organizations, and coaching large groups.

I Finally Figured Out my Niche

“I have been a “coach” for sometime now, and I was an athletic coach in the public schools for many years. I have always believed I could coach anyone, period. The problem was for me in looking at what “type” of coach I was… finding my niche. Until I enrolled in Master Coach University, I struggled with this. As a result, I wasn’t confident enough in myself when approaching businesses. Now all that has changed, and I no longer have that probelm. Thanks Master Coach University!”

Del Gerard

Anaheim, CA

New Knowledge, New Skills, & New Friends

“The 2 months of Coaches Training with Master Coach University felt like a whirlwind of great experiences: new knowledge, new skills, new attitude, and new direction! I also met a lot of awesome people through this training and was able to connect with them. I am now on my way to creating the life I’ve always wanted!

Amalia O’Donnell

Longmeadow, MA

Best Advice on Marketing Your Coaching

“Attending a Master Coach University Coaches Training has been a tremendous help to me in launching a new coaching business. While I was already an experienced “coach,” Jeff’s advice and strategies on marketing and business development filled in the missing links as a new solopreneur. I would highly recommend this program to any coach who seeks solid business advice, a supportive coaching network, and a top notch mentor – you’ll get that from Jeffrey Sooey and Master Coach University!”

Susan Ireland

Washington, D.C.

I Can Actually Make a Difference in People’s Lives

“It has been a month since I joined Master Coach University, and I must say that I am feeling more confident than ever, and love the fact that I can actually make a difference in people’s lives. This is something that I am really good at!

Margolah Neyomy Shuchat

Montreal, Quebec

Creating My Own Coaching Business

Before I started my coaches training with Master Coach University I knew I had a passion for motivating and inspiring others. I just didn’t have the tools. Now I’m at the halfway mark in my program, and I can actually put the principles to use in creating my own successful coaching business.

Beverlee Harbour

Boulder City, Nevada

I Learned The Most by Actually Coaching

The main difference between Master Coach University’s Coaches Training and others I’ve experienced is that we learn coaching by actually coaching each other. It’s one thing to learn the material in your head, and quite another to be actually doing it! This training is easily an order of magnitude better because of the practical application of the material we are learning. This Coaches Training has been a real breakthrough for me.

Linda Sturdivant

San Jose, CA

Priceless Coaching Skills and Strategies

“I definitely got a lot out of the coaches training program. I not only attained some very valuable skills and knowledge, but I received a ton of coaching that provided me the support, encouragement, strategies, and accountability to assist me in my business. It’s like getting tons of coaching, all for FREE! It has definitely changed my perception of coaching and I want to definitely incorporate it into my life, because it is a priceless skill/knowledge to have to make a major impact in someone’s life.”

Marian Nguyen

Salinas, CA

Simple Systems for Coaching Practices

I can’t thank Master Coach University enough for the impact it’s made in my coaching. My clients are getting even more value and measurable results. The systems and processes are simple and step by step in cutting out the fat and getting to the core of what’s important. Thank you Master Coach University for putting on a world class program.

Eiji Morishita

“I didn’t really know exactly what to expect, but the level of integrity and accountability that the training instills in you will make you not only an awesome coach, but a more productive, unstoppable and happier individual.”

Sony Devis

Daly City / CA

My Coach Put me in Touch WIth my Own Internal Genius

“My greatest challenge was myself. I was uncertain of what to do and lacked confidence in knowing that I really did know. My coach put me in touch with my own internal genius and reminded me that I DO have all the knowledge I need. She also assisted me in setting priorities without being overloaded enabling me to stay on track.”

Judy Lambdin

San Rafael, CA

Income Doubling in 6-8 Weeks

“This experience has been exhilarating. My confidence has skyrocketed. Thanks to Master Coach University I am doing what I love, and am confident I am becoming a Master Success Coach. I am in week four and explosive things have happened for the better. I see a change in me and my clients. I have been given all the necessary tools to build my coaching practice. I can see my income doubling within 6-8 weeks. This course has helped me fine tune my skills of self-discipline and determination. I am empowered and unstoppable, able to move mountains, and control my own destiny. Thanks Master Coach University!

Kieta Lewis

Indianapolis, Indiana

I Got Out of Overwhelm and Into Action

Jeffrey T. Sooey is an excellent trainer and coach. In a very short time of knowing Jeff, he has helped me break through some of the greatest barriers that have held me back for years. I have moved from a place of overwhelm into purposeful action. I have become more organized, efficient and productive than ever before. I am so thankful that I connected with Jeffrey and Master Coach University.

Alison Tennen

Toronto, Ontario

No Hype Here… Just Value & Content

“Great to work with Master Coach University on developing more value in my coaching practice. Far too often we see all the hype and no real content… not so here at Master Coach University.”

Wayne Law

South Vallejo, CA

I Have the Skills and Confidence to Coach Anyone

“Before I met Jeffrey T. Sooey I was interested in coaching, but he has really transformed me into a coach through the Master Coach University coaches trainings and mentoring. Not only do I have the skills and confidence to coach anyone, but I am also mentoring coaches who have been working a lot longer than I have.”

Colette Seymann

San Diego, CA

I’m an Awesome Coach & More Productive

“I am on week three of the Master Coach University coaches training, and I know, without a doubt, that this was the right move for me. I didn’t really know exactly what to expect, but the level of integrity and accountability that the training instills in you will make you not only an awesome coach, but a more productive, unstoppable and happier individual…

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… I know that is what is in store for me as I complete this course. I have already made changes in my personal life as I clean up my personal messes, raising my own level of integrity and happiness.

Thanks Jeff and Master Coach University!”

Sony Devis

Daly City, CA

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