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2023 Event Schedule

Master Coach University gives you more than just extraordinary coaching programs.

The level of integrity and accountability that our training instills in you will not only make you a life-changing coach, it will make you more productive, confident, and happier…

Don’t miss out, experience the magic of Master Coach University programs and become part of an exceptional community of empowered coaches changing the world!

2023 Program Syllabus

Explore Master Coach University’s transformational programs and certifications to create your ideal learning journey.

Our “learn by doing” process makes becoming a Master Coach an exciting adventure.

Whether you are brand new to coaching or  have an established coaching business, we have programs proven to elevate yourself, your coaching, and your coaching business… using the most transformational tools available.

Core Competency Certification

In the Core Competency Certification Program, credentialed experts provide
training hours towards the attainment of ACC, PCC, and MCC designations**. As
a result, you can provide your clients the definitive proof that you’ve met the
threshold requirements to be an effective coach.

You will learn all the foundations and fundamentals of the 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

ICF (International Coach Federation) is the coaching industry’s world-recognized governing body (with 14,635 coaches currently credentialed world-wide). ICF sets the world-accepted standard for coaching competency 

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