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Anatomy of a World Recognized Credential
What Is Your Certificate Worth?

Not all coach certificates are created equal. Some convey all the authority and credibility that goes along with hard-earned coaching skills, while others aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Know the difference so you don’t waste your time and money…

Training Dates
Inclusion of training dates speaks to the credibility of your certification. A certificate doesn’t live in a vacuum. It reflects a successfully completed training that happened between a specific set of dates. When clients and employers see training dates on your certificate, they know that you didn’t get your certificate out of a crackerjack box. Furthermore, ICF requires training date ranges on accepted certificates.
ICF Training Hours
A valid coach training certificate includes the number of ICF Level 1 Designated Training hours associated with that course. Without the specified number of hours, you can’t guarantee you’ve received enough training to gain your desired ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC).
ICF (International Coach Federation) authorizes select coaching schools to provide ICF LEVEL ONE DESIGNATED Training Hours, which students can use for the purpose of gaining an ICF Credential. This is required for the highest coach certification standard. The LEVEL ONE standard means your training time is always recognized by this international authority since your education came from an ICF Accredited, Level One Training Provider.
Types Of Certificates
Basic Certificates

See MCU Basic Certificate Holders

Master Coach University Basic Certificates provide an accelerated path to coach certification, so you can begin practicing as a Certified Coach immediately. These certificates represent basic training on the foundational coach competencies and techniques, or cursory training in more advanced coaching disciplines. The confidence and credibility a basic certificate offers makes a substantial difference, especially early on in your coaching practice. Retaining a Master Coach University Basic Certificate reflects the promise that you can help any client, any time, anywhere, and add value to them through your coaching.
LEVEL ONE Designated Certificates

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As an ICF LEVEL ONE Accredited Coach Training Program, Master Coach University provides Level One Designated Certificates for students to fulfill their ICF Coach Credentialing requirements. ICF (International Coach Federation) has codified world-recognized standards of coach certification. The LEVEL ONE Designation means that your study will always be recognized by this international authority. Students earn Level One Certificates from Master Coach University through Level One Accredited trainings and extended evaluation under the supervision of credentialed expert faculty.
Master Coach Certificates

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It isn’t hard to see the pride that comes with being a Master Coach. You see it in a coaches presentation, walk, and within the solid confidence with which they conduct themselves. That confidence originates from a coach’s choice to progress beyond simply ‘learning’… to the point
of true mastery of their coaching.

Coaches become masters because they are no longer satisfied with ‘acceptable’ performance. They come to expect nothing less than extraordinary coaching from their sessions, so as to produce breakthroughs for their clients on command.

Master Coach Certificates document this ‘command’ of coaching that only emerges after long-term study and a generous spirit that champions the gift that coaching is to the world. In order to earn a Master Coach Certificate, coaches further participate in training sessions, extensive coaching practice and evaluation, and advanced coursework in their chosen discipline.

The challenges associated with achieving the Master Coach Certificate are significant, but if you possess the will and determination to successfully overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the enormous rewards that are promised, you’ll become a Master Coach.

Master Coach University Master’s Diploma

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Master’s Diploma holders possess something that other coaches do not: a fire and strength of will that cannot be denied. They have one common goal: to be part of the most elite group of coaches ever assembled.

The Master’s Diploma reflects mastery of all significant disciplines of coaching. Coaches achieving the Master’s Diploma provide multi-dimensional transformation to their clients… practically unheard of, among even the best coaches. In order to ascend to this rare level, coaches commit to multi-year study, overcoming many challenges and tests along the way. The further you progress towards your Master’s Diploma, the stronger coach you’ll become.

Earning the Master Coach University Master’s Diploma is perhaps the most difficult challenge you will ever face. However, if you stay the course, you will be undeniably different…forever changed, and you’ll earn the irrevocable achievement of a lifetime.

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