Master Coach University

Training The World’s Best Coaches

Master Coach University is a global school of 81,746 coaches, leaders, authors, speakers, trainers, consultants, and change-makers. Master Coach University’s students learn breakthrough methods to support their clients’ life and business reinventions, impacting the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Through transformational coaching, profound knowledge, courses, and certifications, our student Coaches learn by doing, through “immersion experiences” in their chosen specialty, dramatically accelerating their mastery. This results in ultra successful and effective coaches.

Our Purpose is to Help You Master Coaching And Your Coaching Business
Master Coach University is the training division of JTS Advisors, a coaching firm whose vision is to use the power of coaching to transform organizations, professionals, and communities.

JTS Advisors’ founder, Jeffrey T. Sooey, knew he couldn’t achieve this vision alone. He originally founded Master Coach University to provide the needed training for JTS Advisor’s new coaches. When coaches outside of JTS Advisors asked to gain admission to these unique and specialized trainings, Jeffrey opened the university to public applicants.

Over a decade later, these coaches have become the keystone in this vision of transformation. Master Coach University now exists for coaches to gain the necessary skills to change lives, while earning a generous living in the process.

What Makes Master Coach University Different?
Master Coach University employs a “learn by doing” approach to assure every student achieves the transformational results promised in their courses. Whether students are practicing coaching, or executing their business ‘ground game’, their new coaching knowledge quickly turns to experience, and coaching wisdom.

We incorporate this hands-on approach throughout 160 training hours (these hours are approved by the International Coach Federation’s ACSTH standard, the world standard in global coaching excellence). This allows us to provide the best training possible… available to any coach with a phone and internet connection… worldwide.

The Master Coach Philosophy

Coaching → World Transformation

At Master Coach University, we believe that coaching can be a source of world transformation. This belief drives us in our mission to train the best coaches in the world.

Our faculty doesn't believe in shortcuts to mastery...

…Instead, we believe our students possess the will and determination to successfully overcome any obstacles that stand between them and the enormous rewards of being a world-class coach.

We don't believe in fake coaches or fake certifications (buying the trophy)...

…rather, we believe that internationally recognized credentialing and serious training is the basis for successful coaching.


We don't believe in only "one correct approach to coaching"...

…rather, we believe that every coach can build on their own natural coaching strengths, through multi-disciplinary study and practice. We believe that coaches can master anything, but they first must master themselves.


We don't believe that a coach learns through theory and lectures alone…

…rather, we believe great coaches learn best by “doing”, taking action every step of the way. We know that nothing else in life can match the process of applying what you have learned NOW.

Great Coaching → A Profitable Coaching Business

…rather, we believe great coaches learn best by “doing”, taking action every step of the way. We know that nothing else in life can match the process of applying what you have learned NOW.

We believe that the best coach should win the most clients…

…and that coaches profit when they ensure every client experience is fulfilling, genuine, and empowering.

We believe that coaches deserve to make a living while they make a difference…

…Coaches shouldn’t have to live in forced austerity. We believe that more lives can be changed when coaches make a handsome living in the coaching profession.


We believe that a coach can build their business fast…

…by combining world-class coaching skills with the power of technology to accelerate communication.

How Master Coach University Works
1. Hollistic Learning – by Doing It
Instead of just sitting in a room discussing theory, you’ll master coaching through a multidimensional process, characterized by ACTUALLY DOING IT. This “learn by doing” process makes becoming a Master Coach an exciting adventure. We know that nothing else in life can match the process of applying what you have learned THROUGH ACTION.
Our trainings immediately put you in the “coaches seat” allowing you to build your coaching style and skill on the authentic foundation of your own natural coaching strengths. You’ll have the option to move further into mastery through practicing less familiar coaching disciplines to round out your holistic coaching skills.

Through practicing your coaching specialties, you’ll earn up to five certifications that stand as unquestionable recognition of your coaching mastery. With the option of gaining up to 160 ACSTH hours towards your ICF credential, there’s no holding you back in your journey to mastery.

2. Full Business Curriculum
From community outreach to advanced online marketing methods, you’ll discover the most efficient tools available to grow your coaching business… according to YOUR vision, not some cookie-cutter standard that doesn’t suit your unique strengths and abilities.
Technology has uniquely positioned coaches to make a living while they make a difference. Geographic distance no longer prevents coaches from reaching their ideal clients, no matter where they’re located.

Master Coach University’s Business Specialty curriculum offers the keys to delivering authentic value and coaching while attracting clients who’ll gladly pay your fee. Leveraging this to display your greatest value as a coach, you can focus on providing valuable coaching, while effortlessly attracting the clients you deserve.

3. A Global Campus – Making Learning Fun
Learn from home by logging into our global “online campus”, which provides flexible learning through convenient web meetings, e-workbooks, and self-study assignments.
You’ll connect deeply with coaches around the world, trading coaching (and wisdom) with them while upgrading your skills. Learning and practicing advanced coaching and coaching business skills has never been easier… and more mobile. You can experience everything through your phone, computer, or other internet-enabled device.

Whether it’s absorbing coaching techniques through a video tutorial and flowchart, attending an online training class on strategic coaching, or celebrating your coach certifications during a virtual commencement, your university (and your coaching community) is available to you… wherever you are. Nothing separates you from your coaching education…

4. A Supportive Community of Coaches – All Levels Welcome
Our students range from coaches striving to understand the coaching process, to coaches mastering sophisticated facets of transformational inquiry. Whether you’re attempting to earn your “first dollar” as a coach, or growing beyond six-figures, you’ll elevate yourself, your coaching, and your coaching business… with the most effective tools available.
As a student of Master Coach University, you’ll belong to an elite group… the most supportive coach community and faculty on the planet… bound together by an undeniable passion to impact the world around them.

This incomparable community supports each Master Coach University student in employing their will, determination, and resources to be a world-class coach… and, together, transform the world.

Principal Faculty & Administrators

Jeffrey T. Sooey, CPBA, CAIA, CPAC

Dean of Students

Jeffrey T. Sooey has shared profound transformation with coaches for over 20 years. After entering the human development industry at 26 as a ‘results coach’ working under Tony Robbins, Jeffrey built JTS Advisors LLC into a six-figure coaching business, managing coaching projects for Fortune 10 clients, and addressing audiences from the International Coach Federation to the Marshall School of Business.

Jeffrey has helped build coaching divisions for leaders in the industry, including Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning franchise, and is the creator of the Master Coach University curriculum.

You can connect with Jeffrey via email @ jeffreytsooey@coachestrainingblog.com or via phone @ 858-707-5920.

Dr. Colette Coiner, PCC, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

Associate Dean / JTS Advisors Designated Master Coach / Mentor Coach / Certification Evaluator

Dr. Colette Coiner's visionary approach has challenged assumptions and inspired her clients to think in new ways for over a decade, allowing them to live life from their strengths. Her enthusiasm has engaged clients from 6 continents, helping them reach goals that were once only dreams.

After studying psychology and neurophysiology at UCLA, Dr. Coiner earned a clinical doctorate in practice management in 2011. Dr. Coiner holds the Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from International Coach Federation. She earned master coach certifications from Master Coach University in Assessment, Strategy, and Accountability. Dr. Coiner also received a coach certification from the Life Coach School.

Colette is an involved mom who loves to spend time with her two kids.

You can connect with Colette via email @ coletteseymann@gmail.com, via phone @ 858-232-3739, or colette.seymann on skype.

Feryal Allen

Associate Dean

Feryal Allen has helped build some of the most successful coaching businesses on the planet, including Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, and many others. Her background in higher education and as a top executive for multinational corporations positioned her perfectly for her current advisory roles in the coaching industry. Serving for almost 20 years in Tony Robbins' legendary "Must Team", Feryal has no peers in coaching other than at the apex of achievement and skills. Feryal serves as Associate Dean and Creator / Leader of the Quantum Leap Coaching Program at Master Coach University.

You can connect with Feryal via email @ feryalallen@gmail.com, via phone @ 858-381-5898, or feryalallen on skype. 

Kim Welch

Operations Manager / RSVP Manager / Course Support

Kim brings her experience of the sports coaching world as a professional tennis player to her current role running JTS Advisors and Master Coach University general operations. Kim also helps Master Coach University students RSVP for their chosen trainings, and helps run the logistics of Immersion Trainings, Extension Trainings, and other basic trainings.

You can connect with Kim via email @ kimwelch@coachestrainingblog.com, via phone @ 904-201-9302, or kim.welch38 on skype.

Kristoffer Thompson

JTS Advisors Designated Master Coach / Head Coach - Synergy Private Client Program

Drawing from over 14 years of experience coaching 396 one-on-one coaching clients and over 10,000 coaching sessions as a Master Sales Coach, Kristoffer Thompson has guided coaches to create consistent cash flow through his vividly simple selling system.

He is a Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach on the faculty of Master Coach University and has been the Head Coach of the Synergy Program for over a decade. Kris has coached for Eric Lofholm International, Rock Thomas International, and Movement Makers.

As a professional speaker for 15 years, Kris is highly sought after to speak in Fortune 500 companies including Ford, Century 21, Re-Max, and Keller Williams.

You can connect with Kris via email @ salesleadershipcoach@gmail.com, via phone @ 619-334-8970.

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